Transition Age Youth Services

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) are designed to support the transition from school into adult life for high school students with disabilities. In order to pave the way for employment, Pre-ETS services provide vocational exploration, hard and soft skills training and paid competitive integrated vocational experiences to high school students aged 16 - 22. Pre-ETS services are designed to give students an introduction to work that will serve to both inform their future vocational choices, develop work habits and obtain experience that will make them more marketable in the competitive workforce. Pre-ETS services are specifically designed to be provided to students who are enrolled in high school and who qualify for MRC services.

For more information about Pre-ETS, contact Danielle Ralston 413-821-9200  ext. 119 or

Level Up Life Planning

Level Up Life Planning is a program funded by the Connecticut Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). The program goal is to provide students ages 16 to 21 with exposure to self- advocacy, work readiness, and other aspects of competitive employment. Students work in groups. promoting an environment of support and mentoring, and which are facilitated by one of NEBA’s Employment Consultants.

For more information about Level Up Life Planning, contact Ryan Aldrich at 203-606-9339 or

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