Department of Transitional Assistance

NEBA is a vendor of the Department of Transitional Assistance and has a proven track record of assisting individuals referred to develop a career.  With over 400 referrals, NEBA works with each individual to realize their potential, relieve their fear and increase their confidence. NEBA Career Ladders  program runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 – 3:00.  Components include financial literacy, self-determination skills, career exploration, employment preparedness skills, social and life skills.

For more information contact Janet Calderon 413-821-9200  ext. 137 or

“NEBA took the time to redo my resume (that I thought was great already), teach me new interview techniques, reward my answers, and make me see the difference between cocky and confident. NEBA called me on a snow day knowing that I had an interview, practiced over the telephone, gave me confidence, and calmed my nerves. I got the job! A job that I did not believe I had the skills for. NEBA taught me to see things in my personal life and make me see how relevant those skills were. Take it from me I thought this was going to be ridiculous, seriously thought what can this place called NEBA teach me about getting a job. Wow did I need this! All this time I was wrong. I suggest that DTA send every person on the system to NEBA to get a job. “ ~ Elizabeth P