Consulting & Training

NEBA’s consulting and training team have extensive knowledge with regard to best practices in the disability employment field. Below is a sample of frequently requested training’s.

Upgrading the Job Coaches Toolbox, Measuring Independence

NEBA delivers a comprehensive training on the role of the job coach, resources, and innovative ways to measure independence and foster natural supports.

Collaborative Customization’s: Breaking Down Barriers Together

There are many roles to understand in supported employment. NEBA’s team will help your team foster dialogue to gain a deeper understanding of those roles, and use that understanding to bring unprecedented placement success.

Functional Feedback: The Key to a Happy and Successful Team

Feedback makes or breaks team growth and development. Learn about the best ways to deliver and receive feedback of all types for your team to capitalize on.

Job Developing with a Mission in Mind

NEBA will help your team reflect on their mission in supported employment, and help job seekers identify their life missions. With a mission in mind, job placements are not only successful, but intrinsically rewarding!

Discovering Natural Supports and Maximizing Workplace Inclusion

Examine different methods of direct instruction and teaching in community based, competitive employment settings. This session can adapt to your needs in content and length. Topics can include the history of employment support and disabilities, understanding levels of prompts, task analysis, culminating in a thorough understanding of fading away, and developing natural supports.

Effectively Supervising Direct Support Staff Working in the Community

Community based services have your staff working everywhere, all of the time. As a supervisor, how can you help staff to build this autonomy, monitor the quality of services, and help them to feel supported all at once? In this workshop we examine the challenges of supervising staff remotely and present practices in training, communication, and job structuring for community based programs.

Resumes for All Job Seekers

Attendees will learn about the 4 common types of resumes and discuss the current trends in resume writing. Examples of resumes needing improvement will be discussed and rewritten as a group or individually.

Interviewing for Attitude: Finding the Right Staff

Examine the difference good interviewing makes in your search for quality direct support staff. Participants of this training will learn how to determine the attributes they are looking for in staff and develop questions to help find those personality traits in applicants they meet.

Smart Technology for On-The-Job Supports

With the nearly universal availability of smart phones and tablets, today’s technology offers significant tools for assisting people we support in their employment success. This technology can facilitate learning a new skill, provide assistance in keeping to a schedule, and provide prompts when job coaches are not necessarily available for constant one to one support.

What Do You Do? Representing Your Work with Passion

Participants of this workshop will build the elements of a script they can use when discussing the work they do. This prepares both job developers and direct support staff to carry meaningful conversations about employment supports with stakeholders ranging from prospective employers, parents, educators, or anyone in that person’s network.

Making the Most of Business Networking Events

Attending formalized business networking events can be a great tool to increase you network for job development. This workshop discussed the do’s and don’ts of professionalism at these events. Participant’s develop an “elevator speech” and learn tips of engaging in conversation.

Options for Entrepreneurs: Exploring Self-Employment

Self-employment is the ultimate example of independence and self-sustainability. In this training, Colleen will help you learn to identify candidates for self-employment, and share resources and success stories of entrepreneurship.

Self-Employment: Integrating All Options

There are a myriad of options for those pursuing self-employment. Colleen can assist your team to understand the supports that can foster successful self-employment, and provide an in-depth review of resources and their impact on sustainable self-employment outcomes.

Working within the Legislative Maze, Harnessing the Process

The challenges of navigating the legislative world are clear. Success lies in knowing the proper timelines and communicative strategies. Colleen will show you how anyone can succeed in building relationships with legislators that result in impactful changes to employment statutes for people with disabilities.

 Ticket to Work: From Ticket Holder Access to SSA Reimbursement

NEBA has built one of America’s largest Ticket To Work programs, operating in over 40 states! In this training, Colleen shares the journey she and NEBA took to achieve this success, and also shares innovative tools to measure success for both provider and Ticketholder success.

Fostering Friendships – The Support Provider’s Role in Finding Great Work Relationships

We all have work buddies, you may even have a “work bestie” or “work spouse”. This session will explore how we can set up on-the-job supports to create an environment where friendships are encouraged to grow between people we support and their nondisabled coworkers.

Data, Data Everywhere! It’s Time to Stop and Think

What’s the difference between OK and amazing? The difference is data! NEBA shares how changing data collection turned a program’s significant fiscal loss into a surplus in one fiscal year, and shows how you can increase your fiscal bottom line too!

Have a training need you don’t see? NEBA creates customized training catered to your exact needs. Contact us today!

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